Wednesday, July 11, 2018

i caught a glimpse of the sun

And he caught a glimpse of me.
Together we laughed ridonkulously.

Oh, lighten up, I said.
They're just a bunch of letters thrown together.
Oh lighten up! he replied.
Have you taken a good look at me?

Beautifully brutal Florida summers.  My garden knows it.  I know it. And the sun just laughs.  Already counting days to autumn.  Always counting days to autumn.

Autumn, fallen grace-filled autumn, so willing to die to make way for spring's glory and summer's pomp.  How they taunt you.

I must draw all the nearer to the fallen autumn.  To do so is to press my ear against Love's heart.

What are you up to today, over the picket fence neighbor?  Is it a scorcher in your garden too?

I'll be away next week, off to an island adventure, but I'll find a garden there.  Promise to share.  It'll have to be a pretty spectacular one to drag me away from the sea, but even the sea has its gardens.

Let's see.  Let's see what we see by the sea.

Just try not to stare at that sun for too long.  Might have you uttering words like ridonkulous.

PS Thank you to all of you who stopped by with such lovely welcoming comments on my previous post.  xo

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

past a sliver of picket

wishes and dreams

I thought I'd start a new blog (I love to design new ones all the time), maybe a garden-themed one.  I considered adding an extra page on my current site, An Inspired Photojournal, but it's purposely set up as a reflective soft landing, more of a website/journal than a blog.  

Truth is I miss Blogger terribly, times before friends ran away to other social platforms.  I've tried to join them there, but it's just too fast-paced for me.

Welcome to West Wind, a tiny side yard garden in a skipping stone of a house.  I say skipping stone because we were only supposed to live in this transitional property for a year or so, but a year has turned to two which will soon turn to three. And in the middle of it all we thought we’d found the one. But.

Life happens on the way to wishes and dreams.

Please bear with me just a little bit while I design this new page.  Actually, bear with me a lot. teehee I can still laugh, I love laughter, but I must admit the journey home has taken quite a toll on me.

I am weary.

And the west wind blew and the littlest flower grew.

Hello, Blogger.
Hello again.


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